Awakening in Quito

Most of the team is still snoozing, as we didn’t arrive at our hostel until nearly 1 in the morning. But thanks be to God for our safe travels and warm welcome from our friends Jim and Jesse.
We’ll be blowing reveille soon 😉 and enjoying our first meal together in Ecuador before heading out to San Pablo for church at 10:00.
It will be our hope to have team members post throughout our trip, and ideally upload some pictures if the wifi here stays on…a bit of a challenge. (it wouldn’t hurt any of us to stay unplugged for a week, though!)

One thought on “Awakening in Quito

  1. Yea! It’s GREAT to “hear” from you. I stayed up ’til 3 thinkin’ of and prayin’ for all of you. “Wonderful, Wonderful!, Lord, IS your creation!” is what I “hear” you, all, singing when you marvel at where you’ve been, where you are and praying for Him to open your eyes to His Good Works set before you through “Loving one another” in whatever way happens. I’m smiling knowing you’re there.