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Hola it’s Jenny B. here! It’s been a crazy day! We had our first full day at Nuevos Amigos and I loooooved it! This is my second year on the trip and it feels like I’ve never left!

The kids are so energetic and happy when they saw us coming! We met with the faculty members and learned about them and the school. Afterwards we made name tags with the kids! Even though there is a language barrier the kids are so understanding and want to communicate with you!

I know Spanish and I can feel it all coming back to me! It’s awesome! Then we went on our community prayer walk and the mountain was INTENSE! Yes we actually climbed up this crazy steep mountain. The amazing thing is that the people that live here walk up and down it every single day. I’m exhausted and honestly can’t wait to go back to the school tomorrow!!!!!

One thought on “Post from Jenny

  1. Hola! I can hardly wait to read your team’s blogs each day! Love you too Jennifer!!!! 🙂 How did your lessons go today?