From Tori

Today was bitter sweet. Sorry mom and dad but I dont think I am coming back. We said our goodbyes to the children and teachers. They have been such a blessing. I can’t even put into words the love and joy they have placed in all of our hearts. Christ is so preset in these lovely people and this school.

Post from Jenny

Hola it’s Jenny B. here! It’s been a crazy day! We had our first full day at Nuevos Amigos and I loooooved it! This is my second year on the trip and it feels like I’ve never left!

The kids are so energetic and happy when they saw us coming! We met with the faculty members and learned about them and the school. Afterwards we made name tags with the kids! Even though there is a language barrier the kids are so understanding and want to communicate with you!

I know Spanish and I can feel it all coming back to me! It’s awesome! Then we went on our community prayer walk and the mountain was INTENSE! Yes we actually climbed up this crazy steep mountain. The amazing thing is that the people that live here walk up and down it every single day. I’m exhausted and honestly can’t wait to go back to the school tomorrow!!!!!

Post from Hillary

It has been an amazing trip thus far! We had a great experience at church and getting a first look at Nuevos Amigos. I am glad to report that lunch was amazing, having chicken, rice, and beans! We got some much needed sun after that and are now playing Phase 10. Dinner time and some team meetings will follow, and lights out will be early after a late night last night and an early morning this morning! God is already doing amazing things in all of our lives! Please pray for continued safety!



PS I did fine on the plane mom and dad 🙂


I am so excited we made it safely to Houston! The flight was great, flying high in clear blue skies! Ecuador here we come!  🙂

1 More Day!

I can’t believe that we leave tomorrow! I have been thinking about this trip since May of 2012 and it is amazing that my dream became a reality! Please pray for my team and I as we head to Houston, Texas tomorrow, and then from there to Quito, Ecuador! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

pre-Ecuador dinner!

I absolutely loved meeting with the team last night! I think it is finally starting to hit us all that we really are going to Ecuador in less than a month! I cannot wait to see the plans that God has for us there! I am also excited to see how we can LEARN from those living in Ecuador. I know that God has exciting plans for each of us while we are there, and that we are all part of this team for a reason! Thanks to the WONDERFUL women who cooked dinner and hosted us last night in helping to prepare us for what we will be eating while in Ecuador! The evening provided a great time for us to have fellowship as team as well as to learn from last year’s team!! 🙂
Less than a month to go!

-Jeremiah 29:11