Post from Hillary

It has been an amazing trip thus far! We had a great experience at church and getting a first look at Nuevos Amigos. I am glad to report that lunch was amazing, having chicken, rice, and beans! We got some much needed sun after that and are now playing Phase 10. Dinner time and some team meetings will follow, and lights out will be early after a late night last night and an early morning this morning! God is already doing amazing things in all of our lives! Please pray for continued safety!



PS I did fine on the plane mom and dad ūüôā

Post from Tori

Such a chill and relaxing day in Ecuador! It was such a blessing to be able to sit down with members from the church and our wonderful bus driver for lunch! The bus driver was teaching me many new Spanish words and the different sauces I should use with my dish. It was very humbling and encouraging to hear fellow believers speak on their passion for the gospel and the hearts of kids.

I am now enjoying a game of Phase10 with friends with some sun on my face! I am ready for all of the awesome opportunities God has planned

Post from Kailee

Waiting in the airport and arriving at our destinations, I kept reaching for my phone to check the time or communicate with family. However, I did not bring any technology with me to Ecuador. I have realized how much I rely on technology ¬†when walking, waiting, or when I feel like there is nothing to do. I have been going crazy not knowing what time it is, but I have realized that it truly doesn’t matter. We’ll get where we need to go whenever God wants us there. I might go through withdrawals, but this week will be a refreshing break from something that can be such a distraction my life. I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather today without anything getting in the way!

Happy birthday to my Daddy today! Love you!


Post from Collin

picked up for church at 9:40 and went to churh. ¬†Much of ecuador was already awake setting up sidewalk shops or playing soccer in the parks. ¬†The soccer fields and small playgrounds are really the only open space around. ¬†buildings are right up against the street. ¬†parking on the sidewalk or practically on the road is perfectly okay. ¬†Everything is on a hill. ¬†When you look down from higher elevation you don’t even see the roads because of how packed the buildings are together.

we got a chance to check out the school before church. Playground would be marked unsafe to use a hundred times over In america.  There is a fence that surrounds the playground area, beyond the fence it drops 20 feet down onto the road

church service was done all in Spanish except for the sermon that was interpreted for us by our interpreter Monica. They played lots of songs and prayed a lot. ¬†I speak no Spanish whatsoeveve but was able to recognize “open the eyes of my heart” which is a favorite. ¬†a instruments were the same as you would find in a contemporary service. ¬†A teenage boy displayed the songs on a projector. ¬†The message was on the omnipotence of God and how we cannot escape his presence.


Awakening in Quito

Most of the team is still snoozing, as we didn’t arrive at our hostel until nearly 1 in the morning. But thanks be to God for our safe travels and warm welcome from our friends Jim and Jesse.
We’ll be blowing reveille soon ūüėČ and enjoying our first meal together in Ecuador before heading out to San Pablo for church at 10:00.
It will be our hope to have team members post throughout our trip, and ideally upload some pictures if the wifi here stays on…a bit of a challenge. (it wouldn’t hurt any of us to stay unplugged for a week, though!)


I am so excited we made it safely to Houston! The flight was great, flying high in clear blue skies! Ecuador here we come! ¬†ūüôā

Here we go!

We are excitedly awaiting the first leg of our journey to Quito. ¬†The volume and energy in our corner of the gate at Hopkins has others around us wondering what’s so special about us! ¬†WE know….and we hope it shows!

We should be in Houston by 2:30 and then a couple hour layover until we board the l-o-n-g flight to Ecuador. ¬†By the time we get to our hostel it will be 1:00 Sunday morning. ¬†It will be fun to see everyone waking up for church on Sunday….IN ECUADOR!

Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful send-off and for the prayers!

Here we go!



1 More Day!

I can’t believe that we leave tomorrow! I have been thinking about this trip since May of 2012 and it is amazing that my dream became a reality! Please pray for my team and I as we head to Houston, Texas tomorrow, and then from there to Quito, Ecuador! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!