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Ecuador Trip 2016 Thursday - Friday

Thursday - This was our last day teaching at the school. We taught our baseball lessons to 7th-9th grade. These grades enjoyed learning new baseball words in English, some symmetry concepts, and a craft which involved the students using their handprint to create a baseball. These students also really enjoyed learning to play the game of baseball. They understood many of the rules that were taught and had fun playing outside. After teaching two classes, we had a break before lunch. We walked down the street and bought some drinks to try. For lunch, we enjoyed a traditional Ecuadorian meal and some conversation with the staff. The staff had a surprise for us as well - they prepared presentations for us in English. They have been learning from the English teachers at the school and decided to teach us how to prepare two foods. We also exchanged gifts we had brought and made for them as well. This was bittersweet knowing it was our last full day at the school. In the evening, we had our fi

Ecuador Trip Tuesday - Wednesday 2016

TUESDAY - Tuesday was our first day of teaching and it went very well. We taught K-3rd and what an experience that was from teaching them the terms of Baseball in English, to some addition and subtraction, and then wrapping it up with a fun craft! Next we walked the students through the rules of Baseball and then led them outside to try the game out. At first it was a little challenging, especially with the younger ones, but as the day went on the game got easier; still a challenge but easier! Before we knew it the three classes of the day was over and it was time to move on to the next project of the day. We finished up our painting job and then headed to a big park in Quito. We saw a lot of different sports being played and got to admire the beauty. Finally, we came back to the house to settle down for the night and reflect on the past day. WEDNESDAY - Wednesday was an eventful day! The sun was shining and we were eager to teacher our next age groups, 4th-6th. Again, we taught them d

Ecuador Trip 2016 - Sunday - Monday

Sunday we woke up bright and early after a late night to go to San Pablos church. The service was very moving. The whole congregation learned part of a song in English just for us and the whole congregation came together in a heart felt prayer session for one of the members dealing with an illness. After church we had lunch at BBQ Pinchinchas where we took a few church members to talk to about their mission at the church, school, and neighborhood. We then burned off our large meal by walking down the hill to the school to get a feel for the neighborhood we are working in. We then headed to the mall in the center of Quito to look at the stores, which were very similar to our stores in America, and buy some groceries for the week. The grocery store was very busy and took a while to make our way through. After getting back to Extreme Response and unloading, we walked down the street to get some fresh bread for dinner and we made pasta. Monday we traveled to the school where we first watch

Ecuador team arrived in Quito safely. 3/5/16

We had great flights! All our luggage came with us and the team is doing well. Thanking the Lord tonight and excited about the week ahead.

First travel day to Quito Ecuador

The first leg of the flight was great! We are waiting in the Atlanta airport, grabbing food, and enjoying people watching!  Next flight at 5 pm. :)

Peace be with you😘

I pray for your journey to be fruitful.  With  open hearts you will each be incredibly humbled by the lives and lessons of faith among the good people of la communa!  I will pray for you daily and will see the beautiful country and my dear friends at Nuevos through your eyes!  Have an incredible week! 🙏🏼 ❤️Dr. C-T