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11 Dias mas!!!

Eleven more days until we depart for our Ecuador adventure! You can feel the mid semester energy rising across campus, but within each member of our team there is sure to be a very special excitement for what lies ahead...11 more days! You know that kid game called "Two truths and a lie?". Guess mine: 1. I speak enough Spanish to fake my way through a thwarted conversation. 2. I have been to Ecuador before so I don't expect to be challenged by anything new. 3. I am humbled by the hearts of the young people I am fortunate to be traveling with. How about you?

pre-Ecuador dinner!

I absolutely loved meeting with the team last night! I think it is finally starting to hit us all that we really are going to Ecuador in less than a month! I cannot wait to see the plans that God has for us there! I am also excited to see how we can LEARN from those living in Ecuador. I know that God has exciting plans for each of us while we are there, and that we are all part of this team for a reason! Thanks to the WONDERFUL women who cooked dinner and hosted us last night in helping to prepare us for what we will be eating while in Ecuador! The evening provided a great time for us to have fellowship as team as well as to learn from last year's team!! :) Less than a month to go! -Jeremiah 29:11

Cena tipico

Great fellowship tonight! We enjoyed cena tipico ( a typical dinner) of Ecuadorian food ( including yummy desserts) prepared by Nancy Varian and Rosie Gregg! Gracias, amigos! We also learned about last year's adventures, saw great pictures, and learned a few travel tips from a few members of last year's team! Thanks Chelsea, Kirsten, Jenny and Maddie! We are just weeks away from our trip and are eager to see what God has planned!

Team Ecuador 2013

The 2013 Ecuador Team is off to Quito in less than a month!  Energy, excitement, and anxiety are growing :)  God has blessed each member of this unique team with gifts which will come together to glorify Him through the very special ministry in which we will be engaged!  All are welcome to join us, albeit vicariously, as we seek His face and His purpose in all that we do while we are in Quito.  We ask your prayers for safe travels from March 2 through the 9th.  We welcome also your prayers specifically for the children, staff, and families of Nuevos Amigos!   Puedo hacer todas las cosas a traves de Cristo (I can do all things through Christ) Phil. 4:13