pre-Ecuador dinner!

I absolutely loved meeting with the team last night! I think it is finally starting to hit us all that we really are going to Ecuador in less than a month! I cannot wait to see the plans that God has for us there! I am also excited to see how we can LEARN from those living in Ecuador. I know that God has exciting plans for each of us while we are there, and that we are all part of this team for a reason! Thanks to the WONDERFUL women who cooked dinner and hosted us last night in helping to prepare us for what we will be eating while in Ecuador! The evening provided a great time for us to have fellowship as team as well as to learn from last year's team!! :)
Less than a month to go!

-Jeremiah 29:11


  1. The more I learn about each of your lesson ideas the more excited I am for you to share them with the children and staff at Nuevos Amigos! You are each so creative and have such great hearts. I know we are all together on this adventure for a much bigger purpose than we can possibly imagine!

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