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Waiting in the airport and arriving at our destinations, I kept reaching for my phone to check the time or communicate with family. However, I did not bring any technology with me to Ecuador. I have realized how much I rely on technology  when walking, waiting, or when I feel like there is nothing to do. I have been going crazy not knowing what time it is, but I have realized that it truly doesn't matter. We'll get where we need to go whenever God wants us there. I might go through withdrawals, but this week will be a refreshing break from something that can be such a distraction my life. I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather today without anything getting in the way!

Happy birthday to my Daddy today! Love you!



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  11. It's insightful to read about your realization of how much you rely on technology. Taking a break from it can be challenging, but it's inspiring to hear how you're already finding ways to appreciate the present moment, like enjoying the beautiful weather without distractions.

    The reminder that things will happen in their own time, and not necessarily on a schedule dictated by technology, is a valuable one. We wish you a continued enriching experience in Ecuador as you learn and grow throughout the week.

    Also, a very happy birthday to your Dad! We hope he has a wonderful day.
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