Day 2-VBS started! (from Becky)

Hola! Today we woke up to an overcast city..but warmer temperatures than at home! After breakfast and morning devotions, we met the youth group at the church and set up for ourVBS games and crafts. At first not many children showed up for the day so we got to go out into the community in groups of 2-3 people to get more children involved. This was very interesting and exciting because we got to see our San Pablo friends in their community...see their way of living from their shoes. We actually got many children to come to VBS and had a blast with our games and crafts. The children really seemed to enjoy what we had planned for them and it was great to interact and come together. After VBS we got to take a bus ride with the youth group, going to an overlook with a beautiful view and sharing a wonderful lunch! The bus ride was fun and despite the language barriers, we got along great...singing and talking about our likes and dislikes. I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what God has planned for us, and I know I speak for the whole group when I say we are blessed to be here in Ecuador with our new friends!

-Becky Kolb


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