Day One!! (from Cindy)

Well here we are!! We landed safe and sound around 12:00 last night and didn't get to our rooms until about 2:00am. We were all exhausted from all the traveling and extremely long day of flying. We woke up this morning to a gorgeous view overlooking the city and mountains and that's when the reality sunk in that we were in ECUADOR!! The church service this morning was a great experience for all of us to observe and partake in worshiping our God with our brothers and sisters in a different language and a different style then what we are used to. All of the people are so welcoming and and so happy to see us. They walk right up to us and give us a hug and kiss on the cheek. The people and children here are so beautiful and we all can't wait to build relationships and interact with them even more as the week goes on! Currently we are preparing for a VBS tomorrow and Tuesday and teaching in the school for the rest of the week!

-Cindy Jewel


  1. Enjoy every moment! The pure and genuine faith of fellow believers at Nuevos is humbling! Open your hearts and minds to all that God has in store for you there!
    My prayers are that you remain open for all that He has laid out before you!


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