"It's like America but South." (from Jaime)

Buenos Dias!

Day “tres” in Ecuador has been quite the adventure. We conducted day two of our VBS with the kids of the Nuevos Amigos community. I had a blast singing worship song with the kids. Most were in Spanish, but the San Pablo Youth tried out singing a few songs in English. We also played games that had the kids laughing and screaming, and we made bead bracelets and necklaces, which happen to be the perfect adornment for my wrist.

We also were able to go to “La Mida del Mundo”, the Center of the World, which was the equator line. We had a small tour about some historical aspects of Ecuador, such as gigantic spiders and snakes in the jungle or some of the native tribes. We also watched how the water swirls in different directions on the Northern and Southern hemisphere, and a few of us tried to balance an egg on the equator line.

Tomorrow we start teaching in the classes at Nuevos Amigos' school Rey Sabio Salomon, and I cannot wait to meet the teachers and all the kids.

-Jaime Heller


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