The Day of Firsts!! - Michelle here's the was a big day for us! Today was a day of firsts for sure! We started the day off at Rey Sabio Salamon spending time with the teachers and students. They showed us many cultural games that were so much fun to play! We even played a four on four soccer game and won against them! After playing the games with them they put on a goodbye show for us. It was amazing to see all of the talents that God has provided those children with. They danced, sang, played instruments and even did some miming! It was so incredibly hard to say goodbye to them.

After saying our goodbyes, many more firsts began. We went to the center of the earth (both the real and fake one). We attempted to balance eggs on nails, watched water drain different ways, and tried to walk in a straight line with our eyes about a fail. That was a really cool experience, though. We learned a lot about it from our tour guide. Then, we we drove through the clouds to get to the top of a volcano!!!! When we got there we walked through the clouds to see the top of the volcano and then walked into it!! Ahh!!! Lastly, we had the chance to practice our bartering skills in the market. That was an adventure in and of itself. Overall, it today was a really fun day. It was a day full of firsts and a day we will never forget.

It was so amazing to see God's creations up close and personal. For me, it was breath taking to drive up the mountain into the clouds. When we were standing at the top of the volcano you could feel the clouds around us. It's simply amazing to see the little details to His creations.

Also...we have passed through all the checkpoints without any problems, and we are now just chilling at our gate in the Quito airport. We can't wait to see you guys and tell you all about our Quito adventure! Hasta manaña!!



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