Ecuador Trip Tuesday - Wednesday 2016

TUESDAY - Tuesday was our first day of teaching and it went very well. We taught K-3rd and what an experience that was from teaching them the terms of Baseball in English, to some addition and subtraction, and then wrapping it up with a fun craft! Next we walked the students through the rules of Baseball and then led them outside to try the game out. At first it was a little challenging, especially with the younger ones, but as the day went on the game got easier; still a challenge but easier!

Before we knew it the three classes of the day was over and it was time to move on to the next project of the day. We finished up our painting job and then headed to a big park in Quito. We saw a lot of different sports being played and got to admire the beauty. Finally, we came back to the house to settle down for the night and reflect on the past day.

WEDNESDAY - Wednesday was an eventful day! The sun was shining and we were eager to teacher our next age groups, 4th-6th. Again, we taught them different Baseball terms all in English, did some multiplication and division, and then finished with another craft.

After teaching all day we hurried up and ate our lunch and we headed off to the Center of the World. It was such a cool experience! After that we headed off to try a taste of Guinea pig, which is a common food here in Ecuador. No me gusta! But i guess its the cultural experience is all that matters. We finished up the day with preparing for our final day of teaching tomorrow. Praying for warm sunshine and health! Good night.

-Amelia Metzger



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