From Abby

So today was long.. And tiring. Also, it has been my favorite day so far because not only did we get to teach the kids in the classroom, we also got to teach the teachers English! I want to say so much, but I definitely can't do it all on here. Just know that the day was wonderful, and I cannot wait for tomorrow!


  1. Thanks! God loves you!

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  12. It sounds like today was a truly rewarding day, despite being long and tiring! It's wonderful that you had the opportunity to not only teach the children but also the teachers. Sharing knowledge and skills creates a beautiful exchange and is sure to have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

    While you can't share all the details here, it's clear that the day was positive and impactful. We're all excited to hear more about your experiences tomorrow and what other amazing moments your trip has in store
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