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We have had an amazing week so far at Nuevos Amigos! Being an education major, I knew how much fun I would have with the kiddos. They hug and kiss and tell us how much they love us...they melt my heart. But what I wasn't expecting was the joy and excitement we would experience with the teachers. I have had such a fantastic time helping them learn English and rattling my brain trying to remember my four years of high school Spanish. These teachers are beautiful women of God. They have so much patience and love for what they do. We sang the Barney song for them in English and they sang it back to us in Spanish. Please remember to pray for the staff of Nuevos Amigos!


  1. oh my goodness...they know about the purple
    dinsasour down there too?! Remember watching all
    his shows again and again..? :)

  2. oh my goodness..they know about the purple
    dinasour down there too?!

  3. Wow!! I like your way of thinking and also agreed with you!!
    Thanks for the post!!
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