Day 3 - Primera Dia de Ensanado (From Desiree)

Hola! We are having an awesome time here in Quito, Ecuador! (Also, I'm starting to think in Spanish, we are.)

Today was our first day teaching in the school, and oh boy was it eventful! We had been pre-assigned to three groups and prepared inquiry-based science lessons prior to coming on the trip. Arriving in the classrooms, we came in with it all planned out. However, we are quickly learning that God doesn't care so much for our plans, especially here in Ecuador, so we put our trust completely in Him! Many of us adjusted our plans as we went and talked with the students and teachers through the translator, but all involved had a great time! I loved seeing the students' faces light up as they discovered new concepts and learned in brand new ways, and it was so satisfying! (p.s. This was each of our first times teaching a full day, and we taught internationally!) We also did a professional development meeting with the teachers, and I felt just as much satisfaction in pouring into the teachers as I did with the students.

Though we are only here for a week, I know that we are planting seeds in the administrators, teachers, and students that God will continue to grow and perfect the work we are unable to see through to the end. During our devotions, we sang the songGod of this Cityby Chris Tomlin. Part of the song goes like this: "You're the God of this City; You're the King of these people; You're the hope of this nation; You are... Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city." This is very close to my heart this week, as I know that while I cannot fix or change or help with all of the things I see here, the God I serve is the King of these people, and that He has much greater things that are still to come and still to be done in this city, in this nation, for these people.

Tomorrow we continue teaching, so please pray for continued success!

P.S. Ask Emily, Lydia, Kristina, or me about dinner tonight when you see us. But it's fine, it's fine :)


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