Exploring the Community- Bethany

Today was our first day to truly experience the culture of Ecuador. In the morning we had the opportunity to experience worship at a church in Quito. The people were extraodinarly welcoming and kind. The worship was cheerful and upbeat. Even though songs were in Spanish, it was clear that everyone was able to feel God's presence during this time. They graciously provided us with a translator for the sermon so that we could continue to feel included in their service. We were also given the opportunity to participate in communion. Overall, church was a great experience. It allowed us to see God at work in the community of Quito.

After church, we ate lunch with a few church members at a local restauraunt. Despite the extensive language barrier that we faced, we enjoyed attempting to get to know each other. God was definitely at work, as he gave our new companions great patience as we communicated through our limited Spanish! We all enjoyed creating these new relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our most exciting adventure of the day occurred when our new friends took us on a community walk. We observed what community life is really like in Quito. Along the way we saw many children and families enagaging in various different sports competitions, which is something that brings the whole community together. We hiked up one of the steep hills along the mountainside and listened to some of the kids from the church talk about their neighborhood. I was astounded by the profound way in which many of the children spoke about their relationships with God. They gave me a fresh perspective of what is really important in life. God has shown us today the importance of faith, trust, and love. We ask for continued prayer as we go to school for the first time tomorrow. God is at work here!

God bless,



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  5. Hmm, I am glad to see that our religion is being practiced so passionately all over the world. I am a priest myself and I loved to read the efforts that were put into this ceremony. To be honest this reminds me of a college admission essay help in US my son was talking about like how they broke the language barrier even we were Colombians settling in US due to educational reasons. May god always be by their side. AMEN.


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