Getting Involved in the School- Ally

Today was the beginning of getting involved in the school. We started the day by getting up by 6:00am. We did our morning routine of breakfast and a devotion by our team member, Mason. We then were on our way! Once we got to the school we got settled in and met the faculty of the school. The teachers and other faculty were just as excited as we were for us to be there.  Each of us introduced ourselves and then we headed into the classrooms. We experienced recess with the students and were able to become childlike with them. The school day ended by 2:00pm, and then it was time for lunch and professional development. We finally finished our day by going to a bakery and convenient store.

The people of Ecuador are so kind and loving. It has stood out to me the past two days. Today, though, working with the students amazed me; they will come up to anyone and just hug and love him or her. Coming from the U.S. where we all have to have our own personal space, it was a shock to experience it. But, it was such a wonderful feeling of love and acceptance.

The love God has for us is especially shown through these children. God has such a huge heart, which was shown through these children today. They could have been frustrated that we came here and messed up their routine but they were so loving, as were the faculty. I feel so blessed and loved to be here even though I may be thousands of miles from people I love dearly myself.



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