Here I am to worship--Melissa

Today was our second day of observation in the classrooms.  The kids and teachers were more engaging with us.  Our language barrier is, of course, still there but not inhibiting us from forming friendships.  Lorri and I helped the 8th grade class work on learning a worship song in English. That was a great honor for us to help them learn proper pronunciation. What struck me most today was the sense of God I felt.  Everywhere we go, His presence is felt around us.  I am constantly in awe of our Creator here.  I see His hand on the kids and staff at RSS and He has given me such a love for this city and the people.

Blessings, Melissa


  1. True that! It really is a nice feeling helping someone learn something. Especially the young kids who are filled with energy, enthusiasm and a hunger to learn. I wish there was some initiative for the college students as well that could offer College Essay Help. After all they are still students and do require help and guidance at times.


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